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That was why the Government had made a particular effort to integrate men and women from ethnic minorities on the labour market, she said. She added that as a observe-up to the Platform for Action, the Government had intensified efforts to remove trafficking in human beings, particularly women and kids. There was a broad consensus within the Danish Parliament on the need to prioritize this “fully unacceptable phenomenon”, which violated victims’ rights and allowed the spread of organized crime. She mentioned that every one public authorities were obliged to mainstream a gender perspective into their area of work. The Ministry for Gender Equality was coordinating these mainstreaming efforts. Further, it was at present growing a set of indicators on violence in opposition to women.

Another speaker said that the neutral character of the nation’s immigration act represented an issue. As a complete effort, gender mainstreaming should embody consideration of so-known as gender-neutral laws, which prevented women from receiving particular treatment after they wanted it.

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An skilled additionally questioned if the closure of a number of gender equality institutions in Denmark represented the abandonment of the ladies’s trigger by the nation’s new Government. Questions have been requested concerning the closure of the board for ethnic equality, for example. Speaking on behalf of the Faroe Islands, KRISTIANNA WINTER POULSEN, Head of Section of the Ministry for Health and Social Affairs, mentioned there were hardly any legislative obstacles in Faroese law to women’s equal rights. In 1994, the Faroese Parliament had handed an Act on Equality between Men and Women which geared toward strengthening gender equality on the labour market, in schooling and in all public committees, councils and boards. However, the variety of women elected to Parliament was restricted, she mentioned. MARIANNE LYKKE THOMSEN, Minister Counsellor from Greenland, said that Greenland society had developed rapidly over the last 50 years.

It was at present a contemporary democratic society that continued to enhance the framework and situations for equality among women and men by way of laws that mirrored these social modifications. There had additionally been growing focus on pressured marriages, and the Government discovered it important to make sure ethnic women’s and men’s rights to freely select a spouse and enter voluntarily into marriage. In order to fight forced marriages, the Government, in a newly adopted bill, had raised the age limit for family reunification with spouses from 18 to 24.

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37 per cent, the variety of women within the nation’s Parliament was spectacular. However, other danish girls figures indicated a “somewhat anaemic character” of affirmative gender action.

Women accounted for less than 5 per cent in managerial positions in the personal sector, for instance. Women didn’t occupy a fair proportion in decision-making positions, and he or she needed to know if the Government meant to take actions to rectify that state of affairs and get rid of discrimination in both the non-public and public sectors. Ms. LIEHMANN NIELSEN stated that the nation was aware of the need to scale back poverty, inserting emphasis on women in that regard. The nation was planning poverty-reduction strategies, together with in creating nations.

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An info pamphlet and a Web web site were being prepared in all relevant languages to inform ethnic minority women of their rights and sources of assist. Volunteers in crisis centres were being skilled to fulfill their needs. Regarding prostitution, she stated that in 1999 the Parliament had amended the felony code to decriminalize prostitution and passive pimping, allowing for the prostitutes’ legal cohabitation with men. Any sexual exploitation, in addition to trafficking in people, was criminalized. In 2000, the police had started systematic monitoring of the scenario. Danish authorities also took half in the activities of Interpol, Europol and Baltic structures to cease any illegal trafficking in women.

Access to trade alternatives, well being and schooling have been among the many priorities in that connection. Regarding incest, she stated that numerous initiatives had been undertaken, and research had been carried out. A national centre for abused youngsters had been established, the place they could obtain remedy and help. The nationwide plan on violence was based on a 3-pronged angle of prevention, protection and prosecution, she added. As for trafficking in women, there was focus on both the demand and provide sides of that phenomenon. Continuing, she stated that gender equality work in Denmark was not just a women’s wrestle. There have been also many male organizations dealing with gender equality issues.

She said that a lot of women who had arrived in Denmark through the Nineties and simply after the new millennium had been granted de facto resident status. The new legislation was gender-impartial and utilized to men and women equally.

In some respects, the scenario of second-technology ethnic minority women was better than that of men. However, most victims seeking assist in disaster centres belonged to ethnic minorities and, for that purpose, the plan of action on violence addressed their needs as a matter of precedence.

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After 1 July this 12 months, the age restrict for spousal reunification can be raised to 24 years from the present 18. This could be applied to men, in addition to women, so as to stop compelled marriages. That was not the one device that the Government could apply within the persevering with wrestle towards pressured marriages, she went on. The Government would additionally search to strengthen measures in opposition to family violence, for example. On the repatriation of ladies from Bosnia and Kosovo, SUSANNE CLAUSEN, Head of the Department within the Ministry of Integration Affairs, mentioned that Parliament had simply enacted a brand new aliens act which would become law on 1 July this 12 months.

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